To remain top of mind, organisations and businesses need to provide their customers with different types of marketing and promotional information on an ongoing basis.

These kinds of communications are crucial in enabling organisations to develop lasting customer relationships and secure lifetime value.

We Have The Best Commercially Available Data in Australia.


Australia Post has confirmed that our data is 98% deliverable. It makes sense to have the best available data, saving you literally thousands of dollars! Less wastage means a greater return on your investment.


Our system of on-going Direct Mail programs effectively targets quantitative numbers of households. We will provide you with all the necessary stationary, “Was/Is” cards on all vehicles, Hold Sold cards, registration forms and name tags for all attendees, as well as control sheets to record all sales data.

We will design the mailer for you, complete a break down of all the available area’s for you to mail and also, we will keep track of where and when we have sent the mail. This will maximise the opportunity for you to gain the best result out of the direct mail campaign. We do everything for you, so you to concentrate on the important things i.e. running your dealership and selling cars, basically you control the program and we do all the work.

PMA Farming

PMA Farming is the concept of sending out specific Direct Mail Flyers for individual dealerships within their PMA. PMA’s are divided up into smaller portions selecting around 6,000 – 10,000 households per wedge (see diagram) and on one fortnight of each month an area is targeted.
This will allow dealers to sweep through prospective buyers in their PMA and bring customers that are in the marketplace to purchase a vehicle into each dealership, while also creating awareness of each dealership for people that are not in the marketplace just yet.

This way, we CYCLE through each dealer’s PMA allowing each area to re-generate and maximise Cars Sales and Increase Public Awareness of each dealership.

(Refer to Testimonials read comments made from clients regarding using this type of Campaign.)

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