Results Marketing is the culmination of an exciting story that began in 1995 when George Markoski was employed by a national training company. Working in locations around Australia, he gained a reputation for achieving outstanding results in the fields of marketing and sales.

Customer Focus
George excelled due to his entrepreneurial attitude, knowledge of business systems, and commitment to customer service. Over time, however, he became frustrated because his employer put profits before clients. He found it increasingly difficult to provide the level of service he felt his clients deserved. He employed Belinda Flaherty – she became a partner of the business in less than 2 years due to her extremely hard working attitude, excellent relationships with the long list of clientele and her commitment to innovation in the vents industry.

Results Marketing is the market leader in the retail direct mail industry. George & Belinda reasoned that customers were the lifeblood of any organisation. If a business nurtured its customers, always delivered on its promises, and always kept them satisfied, then the profits would follow. Late one evening, George & Belinda drafted their own business manifesto, calling for an approach that was focused on delivering results while providing exceptional client service.

National Operation

Why Use Results Marketing For your Next Main Event?

You could be thinking that you could organise and run your Main Event Sale yourself with your existing resources. You certainly could do this, but would that give you the best result? The blunt answer is NO! Using the resources of Results Marketing to plan and run your next event WILL give you the best results. Here’s why…..

All We Do Is Plan & Run Profitable Main Events

Why use your own resources, taking them away from their responsibilities and handing them the responsibility of delivering you the best return in your advertising investment, when you could access a team who every week for the last eighteen years has been planning and running Main Events.

Over 17 Years Of proven Success In Planning & Running Profitable Main Event Sales.

Experience is the key! With over 1800 successful Main Events and $2 Billion in sales why would you trust anybody else?

One of Australia’s Largest & Most Comprehensive Residential Databases Exceeding Six Million Records.

Constantly updated, The Results Residential Database contains over 8,000,000 records with a guaranteed delivery of 98%.

This proven formula offers you effective marketing that’s guaranteed to maximise returns on your advertising investment.

We’ve tested every variable that goes into running a profitable main event sale over the past 17 years, refining it into a science with results you can predict. Nothing is ever left to chance.

Our team Of experts takes care of every detail in planning & running your sale, leaving nothing to chance.

There’s a lot involved in planning your main event. Overlooking even one small detail can be the difference between results and failure. Leave nothing to chance. Use our team of experts with over 1800 successful main events over the past 17 years and let us take care of everything for you.

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Results Marketing

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