We at Results Marketing think it is important to to society where we can…so we constantly donate and have been involved in many charity events over the years.

Variety Club – Children’s Charity – Kicking for Kids

Through your support, Variety – the Children’s Charity focuses on multiple unmet needs of children who are sick, disadvantaged or live with disabilities and other special needs at a local level.

The Results Marketing team alone with 10 other people joined forces called “Kicking for Kids Variety Club” in 2009.

Here we raised a massive $247,000 and absolute RECORD for the charity.  Both George & Belinda where invited to hike, swim, kayak, quad bike around the pristine environment of Kangaroo Island for 7 days  – while being filmed by Channel 9 – hosted by Troy Gray a popular sports news commentator.  Quite the adventure! WE have a documentary that covers all our fun & shenanigans all the way!

Money raised for the event included a massive 400 seated Black Tie Gala, Charity Walks/Runs, Quiz Nights & other fundraising activities.

The final donation amount raised was beyond expectation and we were all super proud of the time & effort of our Results Team for all their awesome help!

Walk A Mile in my Boots – Adelaide 2013 till Present

Come together with friends, families and work colleagues to walk a mile in the boots of a person facing homelessness in South Australia; by walking one mile on a cold, winter’s morning.

Although we are now based in Melbourne we still support this awesome charity, with our donations.

Life Saving Club Australia – 2001 till Present

Surf Life Saving Australia is Australia’s peak coastal water safety, drowning prevention and rescue authority.

Belinda has been donating to the Surf Life Saving Club since 2001.  As a jetty to jetty distance swimmer herself, she is fully aware of the massive community support this company provides.

Surf Life Saving Australia is a community cause committed to reducing coastal drownings by 50% by 2020.

Every day their lifesavers rescue 35 people and they conduct 143 preventative actions every hour.  Amazing Statistics and a charity that goes up and above with even lifesavers risking themselves to save another.

Australia Angels for the Homeless – 2013 till Present

Australia Angels for the Homeless is Non-Profit Organization in both Adelaide & Sydney.

Its sole purpose to enrich and aid those who are currently homeless or in a situation without housing on festive holidays.

We annually donate to both:

Easter Lunch/Dinner

Christmas Lunch/Dinner

This means we help provide meals, entertainment and a place of belonging on festive holidays for the homeless of Adelaide and Sydney.

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