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Ray Parsons

Melton Toyota

We have an awesome event for our dealership with 56 vehicles sold in 2 days – that is an absolute RECORD for our company. I was one of those reluctant dealers that didn’t want an outside company to do one – our event was beyond our expectations your team bought vibe & spice that we needed to get those extra deals and make the magic happen. Any dealer that would like to discuss our results – call me at the dealership you wont be disappointed with Results Marketing.

Robin Donahoe

Yarra Valley Auto Group

“…I had a bag sale many years ago with old style closers. I did not enjoy treating guests that way and have been reluctant to have a Main Event sale ever since. Results marketing did not operate that way and that one of their objectives was to ensure they would be invited back again. I was not disappointed. We hit our sales target and both sales team and guests enjoyed the sales days. We are now looking forward to having another Main Event with Results marketing in about 12 months time.”

James Robertson

Bill Robertson Toyota

Results Marketing is the culmination of an exciting story that began in 1995 when George Markoski was employed by a national training company. Working in locations around Australia, he gained a reputation for achieving outstanding results in the fields of marketing and sales.

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