Belle Braybrook – ADMIN ROCK STAR & EVENTS

Belle earned her full Results Marketing stripes over 5 years ago when she came to work for us when she was recommended through one of our promotional staff.

Within her first shift she impressed the entire Results Team with absolute gold stars – she was awesome!

Belle role is usually the lovely, smiley, happy face that greets every guest that enters our Motor Events or Home shows.  She also gets involved with the behind the scenes set up of the dealership/companies and other roles involved in the marketing of the business from doing guest follow up’s and telemarketing.

Belle is an absolute favourite with the guests, sales staff & owners.  She treats her role seriously and works extremely hard to make sure we do everything we can to ensure the systems work perfectly when your dealing with a massive influx in inquiry and that we get the results we need to create the success!

After having 2 years off to travel the world working for Emirates.  She’s now back in Australia and now gracing her presence at all our events, Belle has also taken on the challenge of accepting an Administration role in Results Marketing Head office in Melbourne, with the opportunity of working up to a management level!  Go Belle!

If you would like to get in contact with Belle her email in:


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