The Process – 7 Steps To Your Main Event Sale

Pic-1-Planning-your-eventStep 1
Planning Your Event

Creating An Offer That Gets The Attention Of Your Prospects, Sets Up The Sale & Makes it Easy For Them To Buy


Step 2
Quality Data

Ensures Your Message Is Delivered Directly Into The Hands of Your Ideal Prospect


Step 3
Direct Mail Blitz

Personally Addressed Multi Channel Marketing Guarantees Your Message Is Received


Step 4
Business Set Up

Creates Curiosity And Excitement And Gets Ready For A lot of New Customers And Sales


Step 5
Proven Sales System

Easy Selling System That Converts Enquiries To Sales & Delivers You Results


Step 6
The Main Event

New Customers Everywhere, All Expertly Managed By Our Trined Staff

George Markoksi and Belinda Flaherty Results Marketing

Step 7
Post Event Follow Up

Lots Of New Leads To Follow Up And Convert Into Extra Sales